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COVID-19 Response Plan

The Coronavirus pandemic necessitates employers to support employees, optimize productivity and cultivate well-being in the workplace. Implementing a COVID-19 Response Plan allows employers to deliver this mandate. Our team of medical professionals, technical support and counsellors at No Wait Medical Partners helps employers provide a comprehensive, integrated response based on Best Practices and Government Guidelines.

These are the components of the No Wait Medical Partners COVID-19 Response Plan:

1. Consultation

The Consultation begins with either a virtual or telephone meeting and is followed up by an on-site visit where possible. Current practices are reviewed as are general and specific needs. Interventions can then be enhanced/recommended and implemented.

Consultation can be ongoing in nature.

2. Orientation & Training

Employers must understand the nature of the coronavirus and COVID-19. Our medical professionals provide knowledge and education and help the employer stay on top of emergent information.

Our team fact checks information from various sources to make sure the information aligns with State Ministry of Health guidelines and we keep pace with recommended practices which change frequently. We also monitor national and international medical updates on all COVID-19 related matters.

Regular training sessions can be provided to managers and staff.

3. Testing & Tracing

No Wait Medical Partners provides testing for COVID-19 and contact tracing. When required, we can assist with a safe return-to-work for employees. We monitor employees for unnecessary quarantine and help to determine exposure risk.

If required, private testing can be arranged.

4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The use of PPE creates safer work conditions for employees and helps to reduce anxiety. No Wait Medical Partners provides access to purchase protective eyewear, masks, gloves, gowns, and plexiglass barriers as needed.

5. Well Being in the Workplace

Due to COVID-19, anxiety-provoking situations in the workplace have become commonplace for employers and employees. There is an unprecedented level of stress for many individuals. Anxiety, fear, stress and depression lead to reduced productivity. Our team at No Wait believes that a healthy mind-and-healthy body makes for a healthy employee.

Psychological services are offered to optimize employee well being. We provide confidential, time-sensitive access to the appropriate counselors to help deal with stress, trauma, family distress, anxiety and depression and other COVID-19 related psychological matters.

6. On-Site Monitors

No Wait Medical Partners provides on-site monitors to help ensure physical distancing and other best practices in group settings.


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